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Methylene di chloride ( MDC)

Methylene di chloride ( MDC) is used in various industrial processes across industries. The major uses are: paint stripping, pharmaceutical manufacturing and use, metal cleaning and degreasing applications within the form industry, adhesives production to manufacture polyurethane foam for insulation purposes as well as film base material which forms a basis for photographic films; it can be found in plastics such as polycarbonate resin too.


➡️  Adhesives and sealant chemicals
➡️  Pharmaceuticals
➡️  Paint stripper and paint thinner
➡️  Functional fluids – closed systems
➡️  Laboratory chemicals
➡️  Paint additives and coating
➡️  Processing aids
➡️  Processing Aids (petroleum production)
➡️  Extraction agent (food & beverages)
➡️  Metal cleaning and degreasing
➡️  Weld plastics and plastic welding adhesives