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About Us


We Are A Leading Chemical Trading Company With More Than 50 Golden Years Of Experience In This Business

We specialize in Chemicals like solvants, alklines and acids, We are selling around 70000 metric tons Annually. Our fleet includes more  than 40  tankers, which are used for transporting bulk chemicals and our customers includes Pharma, paper, Soap, Additives , Fine Chemicals, distillery , hygienic,   textile plants, water treatment plants among others


Bring Fairness and Transparency

It is our mission to make Reputation synonymous with Quality, Competitiveness & Reliability and Fairness in business transactions. We believe we are a responsible citizen of the nation when it comes to treating people fairly and being honest about what we do or sell. We work hard every day at becoming one of your first choices for quality products that meet all your needs!


Complete Satisfaction to Our Customers

We know that it’s important to give our customers what they want, not just what we think the should have. We care about building relationships with people and becoming their go-to company for all of their needs in the future.


Provide skill, knowledge and technical expertise to help our clients achieve desired solutions

We’re always evaluating our management process, work methods, practices and controls to see what we can improve. We want the systems that produce high-quality products and services for you!